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Allies is former chef and sommelier David Chapman's label, showcasing Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir.  There are presently three 'township' Pinot Noirs (each from a single vineyard in each of the villages) as well as a blend of the three sites.  David works very hard in the vineyard, ensuring only the best possible fruit is selected, and whilst Allies has not gone done the whole organic/biodynamic path, he certainly eschews any systemic interventions in the vineyard apart from the obligatory copper and sulphur sprays to reduce the risk of rot that every vineyard employs.chappie.jpg

David's approach to winemaking adds an interesting voice to the whole 'natural wine' debate.  Nothing is added unless absolutely necessary, and the overarching desire or ethos is to preserve the identity and character of the site as much as possible.  No stems are added, no yeasts added, no supplements or enzymes are utilised.  Each of the wines go through malolactic (secondary) fermentations naturally and spontaneously, and the wines are never fined nor filtered.

allies-merricks.jpgSo why isn't this approach 'natural' winemaking?  A very good question indeed.

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