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There are many reasons and ways in which Alsace is unique amongst French wine regions.  It is beautiful - stunningly beautiful.  True, most wine regions around the world are gorgeous, and parts of Burgundy, the Rhone, the south and even Bordeaux - St.-Emilion particularly - are beautiful.  But none compare to Alsace's natural beauty.alsace-2005-085.jpg

When it comes to the wines, Alsatian wine seems to share more in common to the wines of Germany than it does to other French wine.  Which is unsurprising, given Alsace's physical proximity to Germany.  Indeed, the region of Baden is directly across the Rhine river.  Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer are the mainstays, with Pinot Blanc, Chasselas and even Auxerrois playing significant roles.  Most importantly, Alsace producers label their wines varietally - unlike virtually all other regions in France - hence making it somewhat easier for the consumer to navigate and make selections.  Vineyards themselves are still important here, just not the primary means of conveying the contents of the bottle!