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By Farr

There is no doubt that Gary Farr has not looked back for a moment since he left Bannockburn vineyards to concentrate on his own vines.  Not that he's gone far (no pun intended) - his vineyard is literally across the road (well, dirt track) from his former employer, Bannockburn vineyards.  So you'd expect the By Farr wines to taste eerily similar to those of Bannockburn, or at least the old style of Bannockburn that Gary made for several decades.  Yet the wines are strikingly different, and I believe a significant improvement on the former style.by-farr.jpg

Part of this may come from the influence of son Nick, who not only shares his father's passion, but his vinous philosophical beliefs as well.  Truth be told, Nick shoulders the bulk of responsibility for these wines - both in the vineyard and in the winery - and indeed increasingly is becoming the public face of By Farr.

In my mind, these wines are the epitome of Australia-meets-France wine styles, reflecting not only their inspiration, but also their own distinct site (or the French term, terroir).  They are each rich, powerful and complex, yet retain freshness, elegance and a sense of purity.

sangreal-vineyard.jpgThe vineyard - or rather, vineyards - were established in 1994, and planted to Pinot Noir (which goes in to Sangreal, and is Clones 114 and 115), Chardonnay, Shiraz and a small amount of Viognier.  In 2001 the Farrside vineyard was planted - nearly three hectares in size about half MV6 and the balance 114 and 115 - and the densely-planed (8,000 vines per hectare) Tout Pres vineyard of a single hectare planted to the Pinot Noir clones 113, 114, 115, MV6, 667 and 777.  Recently a further vineyard has been planted which is 80% the New Zealand (and reputedly La Tache derived) Abel clone.

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