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Henri Boillot

Technically there are two sets of wines issued by Henri Boillot - those under his Domaine label, and those from his negociant (or Maison) business - but notwithstanding the fact that the domaine wines obviously come from parcels he owns himself, there is no meaningful distinction between the two.  Quality is consistently excellent throughout both operations, labelling and presentation is identical, and the vineyard holdings of each are similarly drawn through the most important white wine villages in Burgundy.

Over the past decade, once Henri resolved inheritance issues with his brother and sister (the domaine is based upon the former Jean Boillot, located in Volnay), quality has soared, and today he is (rightly) considered at the absolute top echelon of white Burgundy producers - alongside many hallowed names.  Intensity, purity and freshness tend to be Boillot's hallmarks, showing wines of very good richness and ripeness yet always remaining balanced and never over-the-top.  His usage of (new) oak is both substantial yet judicial, with the fruit weight always overshadowing the oak.

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