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Isole e Olena

From his 50 hectares of vines, Paolo de Marchi has been one of the beacons of modern Tuscan viticulture, winemaking and promotion.  Standing amongst the vines, overlooking the village he owns (Olena, population two and several cats at the time of my visit!), it is easy to feel a part of something that has forever existed.isoleolenaweb.jpg

Paolo's winemaking philosophies are such that he seeks to produce wines of great purity and transparency, unforced reflections of the soils upon which they're grown.  Back in the 1970s Paolo bucked the 'super Tuscan' trend by producing his flagship wine, Cepparello, as a 100% varietal Sangiovese at a time when other top producers in Tuscany were falling over themselves to follow the likes of Sassiacaia and incorporating majority blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and other non-indigenous varieties into their flagship wines.