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Macedon Ranges

Surprisingly close geographically to Melbourne, yet in many ways, seemingly from another place, or at least another time, the Macedon Ranges is perhaps Australia’s best kept wine (and food) secret.  Between 30 minutes and an hour’s drive north-west of Melbourne, apart from numerous impressive wineries, the region has recently become something of a ‘foodie’s Mecca’, with an tremendous array of local restaurants and eateries now in towns like Kyneton, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Macedon and Gisborne amongst others.bindi-vineyards.jpg

Gently rolling landscapes, dotted with sheep and granitic outcrops are dominated by the imposing sight of Mount Macedon, surrounded by seemingly endless eucalypt forests.  But this is also mineral spring country, with Hepburn Springs the most famous amongst numerous throughout the area.  

Whilst not properly deemed high country, many vineyards are above 500m in altitude, and Mount Macedon itself tops out above 1,000m.  The Macedon Ranges are considered the coolest climate in any (mainland at least) Australian wine region, although it is indisputable that the climate, and indeed growing seasons, have changed significantly over the past 15 years.  Soils are poor, typical of such country, with sandy loams over granite common, although there are some quartz and limestone outcrops.  Vineyards planted in valley floors are obviously on deeper, richer soils.


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