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New Zealand

In just over 40 years New Zealand has catapulted from a nothing in the world of wine, to a major force, dominating a number of commercial categories of sales in Australia and the United Kingdom, largely on the strength of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and, to a lesser extent, bright and fruit0driven Pinot Noir.  Today there are about 35,000 hectares of vines throughout the shaky Isles, more than two-thirds of which are in Marlborough alone, and nearly 2,000 distinct vineyards.ripponweb.jpg

The New Zealand wine industry has been notably successful in establishing itself as a major exporting nation, particularly at the more premium end of the market.  The small, boutique nature of the vast majority of New Zealand wine production lends itself to the production and marketing of high-quality, low-volume wines, which in turn have been successful in finding niche premium markets.

Given the physical proximity and climatic similarities between Australia and New Zealand, many presume that the wine styles would be similar, if not identical, yet this is far from the case. 

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