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Nuits St.-Georges

Nuits St.-George is a small town - not a village - roughly midway between Beaune and Dijon, and home to some 37 premiers crus vineyards covering about 150 hectares, with the same again in villages level wine.  However to its detriment (at least amongst label-savvy collectors) Nuits boasts no grands crus at all.  The reasons for this are many and varied, and reflects mostly a lack of ambition and insistence by its owners during the classifications nearly a century ago.  It is certainly not a question of quality, as numerous vineyards are consistently of outstanding quality.nuits-st-george.jpg

The vineyards are spread nearly evenly either side of the township itself.  To the south (towards Beaune) notable vineyards include the huge walled monopole of Frederic Mugnier, Clos de la Marechale, Vaucrains, Les Cailles, Pruliers and of course, Les St.-Georges itself.  To the north Aux Thorey, Murgers, Les Cras and Boudots adjoins Vosne-Romanee (Beaux Monts).  Like Vosne-Romanee has 'acquired' those vines of Flagey-Echezeaux, so to Nuits St.-Georges lays claim to those vineyards of Premeaux-Prissey.  Virtually all wine is red, but a tiny amount of white is planted and may occasionally be found.

Perhaps more than most, the wines of Nuits St.-Georges reward - and in many cases require - extended cellaring.  In their youth the wines are often quite hard and structured, lacking fragrance and flesh compared to the wines of other communes.  Even those wines to the north, next to Vosne-Romanee (like Boudots and Damodes) which tend to have much more silkiness and richness to them in their youth still amply reward careful ageing.