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Roberto Voerzio

Established in 1986 with a mere two hectares of vines, today the iconic Roberto Voerzio boasts an impressive 21 hectares of vines and no less than nine distinct grands crus (of 13 hectares) of flagship Nebbiolo.  Plantings are very dense - an amazing 50cm between vines whilst rows are 2.4m wide - resulting in very intense fruit, and viticultural practices are designed to emphasise this.  An initial green harvest is conducted in July, reducing the number of bunches per vine to five.  Then about 25 days before harvest the size of each bunch is reduced by up to 60%%, ensuring each bunch is around 100 grams only.  This gives half a kilo of concentrated fruit per vine.voerzio-vines.jpg

Whilst Voerzio are best known for their extraordinary Baroli, they also have significant plantings of Dolcetto, Barbera and (unusually) Merlot, and produce similarly concentrated expressions of those.

The Voerzio wines' style can best be characterised as concentrated, stylish and very complex.  Whilst in the modernist camp in the confines of Barolo, they are certainly not heavy, oaky over-the-top expressions.  Whilst very powerful, clean and pure, they retain great elegance with their depth, and are utterly compelling and satisfying.

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