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Established in 1863 and owned ever since by the de Pury family (and today fourth generation Sandra is winemaker) Yeringberg is one of the true jewels of the Yarra Valley, and indeed the Australian wine industry.  Crafting a range of elegant, refined yet fruitful wines, Yeringberg tends to fly under the radar a little more so than some of its better-known neighbours, yet do not mistake this to mean the wines are not as impressive - far from it.yeringberg-guill.jpg

Winemaking here continued, successfuly, until 1920 when it abruptly ceased.  In the beautiful three-story shed that housed the winemaking operation in the late 19th and early 20th century, winemaking equipment and viticultural paraphenalia is literally strewn around, unmoved for nearly a century.  This is a rare and wonderful insight in to techniques and winemaking of a hundred years ago.  Preserved as if a museum (which in reality, it is).  

Today, both the viticulture and winemaking are traditional and relatively 'hands-off', with emphasis on fruit purity and complexity, retaining elegance in all wines.  These are very impressive wines that age superbly over the medium-term.  

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